Mortgage-Broker-CalgaryYou’ll find that bad credit refinancing companies come in two different flavors, those that are safe to you and those who are unsafe. You know what the difference is? The safe lenders offer rates and fees that are within reason. Yes they are higher than normal to compensate the lender for the additional risk that comes with bad credit refinancing, but they are not trying to rip you off. The unsafe lenders, on the other hand, will charge excessive fees and their points and interest rates will be several points higher than necessary. The only way you can find out which lenders are safe and which are unsafe is by comparing the rates of several lenders before deciding on a refinancing loan. Of course with a large number of online lenders currently offering bad credit refinancing, it’s easy to compare rate quotes. You can request a quote in several minutes online by filling in some very basic information. While these are not final offers, they will give you a rough idea of which lenders are competitive but safe and which are out to take as much of your cash as possible. Be sure to look not only at the interest rate when comparing loans but also at the fees and the points. This will give you a complete picture of the cost of each loan.